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  The Children's Museum of Stockton is dedicated to providing quality education through interactive exhibits.  A safe and fun place for children to explore freely with their adults!

  Our facility is 22,000 sq. ft.  and currently houses over 40 exhibits.

  The Children's Museum of Stockton is a 501(c)3 non-profit public-benefit corporation and all donations directly enhance exhibits and programming.

Some of our exhibits are listed below. By clicking on them you may get to see more photos and videos!

  • Nature Station sponsored by the San Joaquin County Audubon Society

  • Delta Exhibit featuring:

  • Food 4 Less grocery store and deli

  • Dr. Barkers Pet Clinic

  • Agricultural Farm Exhibit featuring:

    • Tractor

    • Cow

  • CMS News Station

  • Galaxy Room (COMING SOON!) 

  • Recycling Exhibit

  • Children’s Community Bank Sponsored by Bank of Stockton

  • Post Office featuring Marble Run Wall

  • “Know where it goes” Water conservation display

  • Magnet Exhibit featuring:

  • ​Toddler Area specifically designed for children ages 4 and under

  • Aquatic Display featuring turtles and fish

  • Water Conservation Cottage

  • Imagination Play Wall Sponsored by ABS Foundation

  • Library

  • Art Studio

  • Puppet Show area

  • Shadow Room

  • Train Tables 

  • Blue Blocks 

  • Life Sized vehicles and transportation:

  • Fort with Slide

  • Eye Exhibit

  • "STEMLAND" Area Sponsored by Teachers College and San Joaquin County Office of Education  

  • Lego Derby Area

  • Shoe Store

  • Outdoor playground and patio area

*The Children's Museum Staff reserve the right to close any Exhibit or section in the museum without notice and at their sole discretion. One of the primary reasons this may be necessary is for our visitors safety. 

Thank you for understanding - CMS

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