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“Cycle for Science” program at the Children’s Museum March 26th from 12pm-2pm

Join us tomorrow, March 26th for the Cycle for Science program at the Children’s Museum. From 12-2pm scientists Rachel, Johanna and Kelly will teach children about energy conservation through the use of “Sol Cycles” – (see photo).

For more information please visit their website or view their Youtube video.

From March 25-April 2nd, 2017, three female scientists, Johanna, Kelly, and Rachel, are bicycling through California’s Central Valley. We will stop in middle school classrooms to teach about air quality, climate change, renewable energy, and basic energy conversion, through the Cycle for Science platform. To create an engaging and interactive learning experience, the trio of scientists will bring “Sol Cycles” — miniature 3D-printed, solar-powered bicycle that they designed — into every classroom on their tour.

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