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Pokemon Go at CMS August 27th 3pm-5pm

Calling all Pokémon trainers! Join us for a family friendly event. Saturday August 27th from 3-5pm. We have two Pokestops in front of the Museum and will have lures on both of them throughout the event. We will also have special Pokémon themed crafts and activities.

Show us what level you are on and receive $1 off admission for up to 4 people. (regular admission $6 per person for everyone ages 1 and older). All adults must be accompanied by a child to gain entrance to the Museum. We will have Pokémon related activities both inside and outside the Museum for Pokémon lovers of all ages to enjoy. We are just across the street from the Stockton Marina and Weber Point Events Center that is flooded with Pokestops and Pokémon. There are also two gyms near us. Expand your travels and join in on the fun!

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