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Fall is here!

Fall is my favorite time of year! People come inside our museum doors with such warmth, and such cheer. The streets are wet, and you can hear the car tires in gear. They must be careful, the floor is covered with leaves that have fallen from the trees!

Here are some facts about fall:

1: Trees actual colors are the tones of orange, red, yellow and many more! A certain nourishment provider by the sun takes over a tree, it causes the leaves to turn green in the summer.

2: Study’s show people born in fall are more active and tend to live longer, due to the time change of going back an hour.

3: It is not fall all over the world sadly. When it is fall here, it is spring somewhere else like Australia!

4: Fall is known for cool weather. Luckily if you suffer from allergies, the first cold draft of wind during fall kills leaves and stops production of all pollen.

5: Delicious food is always around us during fall. Due to this, and lack of vitamin D, weight gain might be the only scary monster for some of us this year!

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