My Favorite Exhibit is...

Hello! This is Christina the Fun Coordinator at the Museum. I am here to talk about my favorite exhibit at the museum. After much consideration, since I enjoy many of the exhibits the Museum has to offer, I have chosen the Food4Less area.

I am a born and raised Stocktonian, and have come to the Museum many times as a child. It was one of my favorite places to visit. I would have never thought that in the future I would get the opportunity to be employed at the same place that brought so many happy memories for myself and my family. It is much different on the supervising end, but seeing the joy on children's faces as they enter the building brings me back to my persistent child self that always wanted to visit. Many things have changed in the Museum since I was a child. The exhibits look smaller. It takes less than five minutes for me to go around the entire building. I no longer feel the need to touch the button in the police vehicle every time I sit in the front seat. Etc.

One thing remains constant from the past compared to now. That would be my favorite exhibit is still Food4Less. If I am being completely honest, I don’t find the cleanup after a busy day very pleasant. However, the hassle is rewarding to be able to provide the exhibit area I loved as a child to our guests and members. I’m sure everyone has childhood memories of going into a grocery store and being told not to touch anything. We have a saying in the Museum, that “everything is a know know”, and this is especially true for the Food4Less exhibit area. This is one of the exceptionally rare times that children may grab any of the groceries on the shelves with no consequence. Children love to imitate adults, and in this exhibit they can enjoy the feeling of a play-pretend cashier or shopper. Filling their grocery carts and asking their playmates what they wish to eat for dinner. Making sandwiches in our deli area for their parents and guardians, a task that is often the other way around. I loved this experience as a child, especially due to the fact that I had multiple family members with a similar profession. I am positive many that have visited our museum can say the same.

I can’t wait to welcome members and guests back to the Museum to experience the Food4Less Exhibit area first hand. Whether it be revisiting or a first time experience, we at the Children’s Museum of Stockton are eager to open up our doors for you. The safety and health of our visitors are our top priority! We are looking into new procedures recommended by the county to enhance the safety of our guests. Hopefully, soon enough guests will be able to enjoy all the exhibits the Museum has to offer. With some much needed changes to come. See you then!

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